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Our family is the strongest motivation for what we do. Two years ago we came to the decision to build a new home to accommodate our new adventures together that were looming fast just around the corner.  Typical things that Australian families cherish and that are a strong part of our way of life; we wanted a pleasing environment for our family to live safely and comfortably and that in the next few years would host landmark birthdays and anniversaries, any number of sleep overs and celebrations with friends but also be a welcoming and warm environment for us to restore after the ordeals of the day.

Our dream was for clean lines and flowing and elegant spaces, quality appointments, and airy light. We wanted something distinctive, something that was quite unique and edgy and yes, we did have a budget to stick to. We visited many display villages over several months (thank goodness for satellite navigation) and did some work with architects and designers.  Nothing really settled with us as the vision we had in mind of our new home. Then, we saw IT and we fell in love with the Glenrowan from Custom Edge Homes. Today, the dream is our home and it has been made possible by the exceptional workmanship and commitment to excellence of Peter Caton and his team.

The journey has been a positive and exciting one for us. Our home has been delivered on time and within budget, and took form in front of our eyes. With every drive by a new element was added, the slab, the frame, the roof... Pleasingly, we had the flexibility to opt for upgrades if there was something that we really liked or that added to the livability of our home. Frequently, Peter was the source of great ideas that transformed a good space to a great space. Nothing was too hard, and none of our suggestions dismissed out of hand. To the contrary, Peter would think about our ideas and refine them and even come back with a costing, which made your decision so much clearer.

We have never built a home before and neither of us are DIY home improvement experts. Building a home is a complex process and was an add on to our already complicated and frenetic lives rushing the children to ballet, swimming and piano after a day at the office. The benefits of Peter’s vast amount of experience in the building industry were shown to us time and again as he problem solved issues and with his great personal and communication skills, smoothed some bumps along the way, especially with Council near the outset. We felt we were on the same track and comfortable with him making executive decisions on issues whenever the need arose. Not having to worry about some things was solid gold! That said, Peter kept us fully informed things so we felt in control.

One big positive for us in working with Peter was the high standard of service and work by his consultants and trades people. These people know what they’re doing and are very professional in their dealings. We were always provided with several options about how to go about things and good feedback on what works and what does not and why. I must say a highlight was visiting the brick and colour selection studio; really lovely people and so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Our bricklayer was great, such a precise job, and so too the tiler. No compromises there. Great contacts Peter!

Of course, there are also many intangibles to building. We had heard about some awful experiences of people moving into a hostile neighbourhood made toxic by builders abusing the good will of those folks that you will live side by side with over several years.  As one neighbour from across the road commented to me yesterday as he presented as with a bottle of bubbly, “Peter was the builder from heaven, a terrific bloke”. This relationship building makes it so much better when you move into a new neighbourhood, where people’s experience with your builder has been a positive one.

You come to know people well when you work with them closely over a year or so and especially when it involves the biggest investment of your life. Importantly we know Peter Caton as someone of integrity and someone who will be welcome in our home.  


Tony and Jenny Vlahandreas

Highett, Vic.

Glenrowan Design