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Financial Services

Financial Services

Custom Edge Homes proudly recommend the financial services of premier Mortgage Managers, FinancePath.  They can offer our valued customers a full range of mortgage options tailored to each clients individual goals and objectives.

FinancePath provide unique and expert Mortgage Management Services.  They are specialists who can organise funding for home buyers and property investors, from a variety of funding sources.  As your Mortgage Manager, FinancePath are responsible for arranging the funds for your loan and ongoing, credit assessments, monitoring loan repayments, insurance renewals, interest rate adjustments and loan variations.  Their highly professional and trusted team are focused on getting you the most suitable mortgage and home loan package that allows you to understand your current position and know exactly what investments you can afford.

FinancePath don't just broker a mortgage for you, but offer the security of full responsibility for your mortgage, from the time it is provided by the funding institution until your very last repayment.

For more information, contact Chris Collard of FinancePath.

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